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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The pony game

I went down to Gutshot last night seeing as I was completely lecture free today for the "starters night" tournament as well as cash games. I arrived at about 7pm, plenty of time to signup for the 8pm £5 rebuy tournament.

After finishing my tuna and cucumber sandwich, we kicked off and it seemed as though I had a pretty tough table -- Ade and Rupon being two strong players that I recognised. As well as that, Ade asked before hand if anyone was an actual beginner so he could explain basic rules and etiquette but no one said they were and that became clear once we started playing!

The structure of the £5 event if quite a quick one, 500 starting chips and a 30 minute clock initially, 20 minutes after the 1 hour rebuy period.

I decided I was going to play fairly tight unless an all in session all round happened which aren't rare in these events. I doubled up fairly early on with KK against Rupons QJ after a queen high flop. A jack on the turn left me in trouble but the board paired and it was mine.

Towards the end of the rebuy period I made a move with KJ under the gun but a guy two to my left couldn't get his chips in quicker with AJ. The board didn't help and I took the rebuy. A complete drought of hands despite the top up at the end of the rebuy period and I was soon committed with 73 in the big blind, I called the UTG all in (half my stack was the BB) and he had KJ sending me out.

To the cash games! At gutshot the smallest game is a £25 PL with a 3 quid rake every hour. I soon got through my first pony, details of which escape me so I went and chilled for a bit in the internet room whilst I waited for a spot on the table next door to come free with 3 LSE students who are always great fun to play with.

A seat came free and I sat with my pony, soon doubling it up against a nice chap across the table from me. The LSE guys Paul and Rupon were discussing how I played and Paul reckoned I was a rock! Gave me a bit of a laugh but I guess I do play much tighter in live play which probably isn't as correct seeing as you see a lot less hands than online.

I was on about £60, and Rupon on my left bet the pot out (he has me covered). I had KT of diamonds and decided to take a look in the BB with 3 runners. The flop comes KJx with 1 diamond, and I check as first to act. Rupon makes a medium-large bet (can't remember if it was the pot or not -- it may have been) and Dan, the other guy in the pot, and myself call. The turn comes another medium diamond and I make a bet of £25. Rupon thinks for a long time before making it £50 and Dan passes after some thought. I call my remaining 20 quid or so and the river makes my flush. I took down the pot but Rupon shows AA! A lucky river for me. We discussed the hand afterwards, both Dan and Rupon weren't sure if they should put me on KJ or not, Dan said he put me on KQ with a flush draw which was as good as correct.

So i'm sitting at the pony buyin table with around £135 and it is the last hand before the £3 table charge. I decide to limp with 77 for £1 (there was a straddle) and the flop comes 7TQ rainbow. I check and a fairly tight player bets out the pot. Rupons girlfriend raises for the rest of her chips (about £15) and I call. The initial raiser then reraises the pot and I am left with a genuine decision. I finally decide that if he has a bigger set than good luck to him and move all in which he calls for not much more. The turn and river were low I think, can't remember exactly but he has a good look at his hand before showing an ace and mucking. Rupon's girlfriend (who's name escapes me) shows QT and I scoop another huge pot. A nice cash out of £268.50 from a £25 buyin game!

Later on I sit again with 25 and sit tightly before losing it with QQ vs AJ on a 678 flop, A on the turn. Another 30 was done with 99 vs AT, me all in pre flop -- by this time they had fairly big stacks -- so I got 2 callers and the A on the turn and T on the river put me out.

By this time it was 5:20 and the tube was back up so I strolled home.

All in all a good fun night at the Gutshot with a nice profit to come home with!


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