Thoughts of Rup

Monday, December 04, 2006

New blog

I ought to refer you to which is where my blog lies nowadays. It is largely uninteresting but you should be used to that from this one. Theres a higher content of drivel though

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not much to report

Settled into uni fine and made lots of new friends. Attended poker society on the first night and chopped the tournament but haven't been since because Monday nights are free nights at the union (haha how unballa does that sound) and everyone goes out.

Contracted SARs in my second week here or some similar coughing disease that kept me in bed sipping hot ribena for weekends at a time so really haven't been putting in the hours poker wise.

I'm one of the slacker people on my course but I pretty much expected that -- I am motivating myself to do some work though so it's not all bad.

Been playing sit and go's when I can be arsed/have some time and they have been going "ok".

My bet on Alonson/Renault came through so I haven't been strained money wise since I got here. Am going to cut down on sports betting (lol that old chestnut) and maintain my sound 50 buyin policy on sit and go's before I move on up.

Took a reasonable amount of my stars money out because I thought I needed it for uni, but I really don't despite the union being 2.50 a pint (YES, £2.50, at a student union!). Might stick it back in or just wait until they have a reload bonus or something. No real need to jam it in yet.

Halls are fantastic this year and there are some great people here (the odd arsehole but you have to expect that in all walks of life). Friends birthday today so likely to be going out on the piss and get a chinese or something. Anyway blog blog blog pretty boring post since i'm back to the daily grind of not attending lectures and moaning about 9am seminars.

Take care world

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I've been playing lots out of my bankroll and donating lots on cash games so it's been a very up and down week.

I withrew a fair chunk of my bankroll from stars last Wednesday and went to Bishops Stortford to play the £20 rebuy there. Only 24 runners or so and I was in for £140 somehow and ended the rebuy period with just about the minimum... Fortunately I went on to win it for a tidy £400 profit. Dropped 150 on the £1/2 cash game playing weak-passive.

Went back to sit and go's on stars and ran badly (and played badly in this batch). Entered a $50 rebuy on stars and got deep before shoving ATo UTG (very very questionable push in hindsight) and got called by a Q4s misclick in the SB which hit.

Dropped $900 playing $10/20 NL.

Won an $11 freezeout the next day (15th) for $1.5k which got me out of that hole and reloaded $600 for the stars reload bonus.

Dropped $2100 playing 25/50 NL.

Won a PLHE frequent player point satellite for $530 which I intended to use for the WCOOP #2 event. Also won a $20 180 player sit and go for $1080 to get me unstuck once again (or near enough anyway).

Sunday... -$530 on the WCOOP, -$215 on party million, -$215 on stars second chance, +$346 for coming 11th in the stars $215 HORSE. Very annoyed by that result since I lost a 45k pot when I raised UTG in O8 (6 handed with 23k, blinds 10k/20k) with AK57 to 10k, BB calls then leads a KQT flop I shove he calls with KJ75. Turn was an ace to send me packing. Has inspired me to play the HORSE WCOOP event (the $215 not the $5k obv).

Anyway, dropped the HORSE winnings on $5/10 very quickly and we get to yesterday where I won the £10 rebuy at bishops for £650.

To sum up: tournaments good, cash bad. Cash is my vice. I need to stop gambling on it. I have a bigger edge at roulette when I play cash games badly.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Chop chop

Chopped an $11 tournament on stars for just over $2.3k each. Played well and got lucky more than once but had a dominating chip lead at final table. Was 1.2mill : 700k heads up but he pulled back then we decided to chop it after I turned down his 60/40 chop offer (great). Still it was 6:30am and I was getting a bit tired.

The bankroll is in great shape at the moment, and the mansion bet last night helped also (I hedged it off but my girlfriend didn't) so we have means to celebrate tonight.

Had a cash in the stars million last Sunday but only for $440 after I decided my Q9 was good on a Q high flop for a 60k pot. Oops.

I seem to run good in $16 SNGs but run pretty bad in $27s... And i'm pretty sure it is just running bad with the way some of these people play. Still it's all about sample size so i'm not making any judgements till i've got at least 500 under my belt, if not more. I am over-rolled for the $27s but I don't want to move up until I have established that I am winning at them (although i'm pretty sure I am, but everyone says that).

Other than that it's a theatre show, a wedding, then back to uni. Warwick still haven't sent details of accomodation yet so I could be sleeping on the streets for a while -- or commuting 2.5 hours, pass.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Since it's A level results day I thought a uni post would be apt. Whilst I didn't receive any results, my place at Warwick is a lock which means I need to start brown nosing the poker soc people so they can roll me when the donkaments on stars robusto me again. I've done a bit of snooping and firstly I have a link to David Lu's blog (on the right). Seems like a good player, saw him bust early in some student thingy and go deep in a gutshot 100 but thats all I have on him. I might start rating him more after he cleans me out in the 50p/£1 game (or whatever they play there).

Secondly I found a guy called maryhadalamb. I'd hazard a guess that his real name is Thomas Partridge judging by the URL name but you never can tell. Amazingly enough he seems to already be linking to my blog so I guess I should return the favour. Seems to be a bit of a card rack and enjoys taking shots at the most -EV games on the net. Right up my street then.

Finally a link to "Super Try Again" blog. Seems to be some sort of cult of low limit grinders. Lots of dull hand histories and graphs to be found here.

I also slapped a link up to the Warwick Poker Soc site which might be of interest to some. Looks like one of their lads shat the deck a bit at the WSOP and came 54th so congrats to him. Forums are a bit shite as you can't signup to them for some reason.

As for poker, i'm losing at a nice steady rate at the moment, which means i'll win $10k next month. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Step by step guide to not donking off bankroll

1. Withdraw online bankroll into cash
2. Play live really really really TAGgy
3. ???
4. Profit!

Optional 5. Stop sports betting

Monday, July 24, 2006


Got into the Stars million for $60 on second satellite attempt. Did well then lost a coin flip for 8k pot and down to 125 chips. Quadrupled up with AQ, doubled up with T8, doubled up with KJ and soon enough I was up to 100k chips. Ended up coming 119th when AK missed and AJ missed and AK had to be laid down when there was a re-raise and a re-re-raise (they had AQ and KK). I declare to mate that I am drunk and on tilt, so enter the $215 omaha hi/lo on his behalf.

Soon enough (because i'm drunk and on tilt), he's on final table and my 50% is looking very reasonable indeed since he has half the chips in play. SamENole proves to be a bit of a bastard heads up winning 6 out of 7 pre flop all ins (full scoops) but a gin river on the 7th one scooped the lot for us and the $11.5k first prize.

Celebrate, probably, bed first though.