Thoughts of Rup

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Since it's A level results day I thought a uni post would be apt. Whilst I didn't receive any results, my place at Warwick is a lock which means I need to start brown nosing the poker soc people so they can roll me when the donkaments on stars robusto me again. I've done a bit of snooping and firstly I have a link to David Lu's blog (on the right). Seems like a good player, saw him bust early in some student thingy and go deep in a gutshot 100 but thats all I have on him. I might start rating him more after he cleans me out in the 50p/£1 game (or whatever they play there).

Secondly I found a guy called maryhadalamb. I'd hazard a guess that his real name is Thomas Partridge judging by the URL name but you never can tell. Amazingly enough he seems to already be linking to my blog so I guess I should return the favour. Seems to be a bit of a card rack and enjoys taking shots at the most -EV games on the net. Right up my street then.

Finally a link to "Super Try Again" blog. Seems to be some sort of cult of low limit grinders. Lots of dull hand histories and graphs to be found here.

I also slapped a link up to the Warwick Poker Soc site which might be of interest to some. Looks like one of their lads shat the deck a bit at the WSOP and came 54th so congrats to him. Forums are a bit shite as you can't signup to them for some reason.

As for poker, i'm losing at a nice steady rate at the moment, which means i'll win $10k next month. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Step by step guide to not donking off bankroll

1. Withdraw online bankroll into cash
2. Play live really really really TAGgy
3. ???
4. Profit!

Optional 5. Stop sports betting