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Monday, July 24, 2006


Got into the Stars million for $60 on second satellite attempt. Did well then lost a coin flip for 8k pot and down to 125 chips. Quadrupled up with AQ, doubled up with T8, doubled up with KJ and soon enough I was up to 100k chips. Ended up coming 119th when AK missed and AJ missed and AK had to be laid down when there was a re-raise and a re-re-raise (they had AQ and KK). I declare to mate that I am drunk and on tilt, so enter the $215 omaha hi/lo on his behalf.

Soon enough (because i'm drunk and on tilt), he's on final table and my 50% is looking very reasonable indeed since he has half the chips in play. SamENole proves to be a bit of a bastard heads up winning 6 out of 7 pre flop all ins (full scoops) but a gin river on the 7th one scooped the lot for us and the $11.5k first prize.

Celebrate, probably, bed first though.


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