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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Running good!

Saturday started with me sweating Justine Henne-hardenne in the ladies final at wimbledon, I had £120 at 4/1 but I laid it off before the final so when she ballsed up after the 1st set I still made a £45 profit. Pretty disappointed but there you go. The big one to sweat was Sunday.

In the morning I was strolling in my garden enjoying the sunshine when my eye caught a 4 leaf clover. Marvellous thought I, I can't lose now. Running very good.

And so it came, I had laid off 30 points before the match so I had a profit locked but Italy winning was still the matter of a monkey+. Fortunately Buffon made a fantastic save to a Zidane header and by the time it got to penalties I was feeling pretty good since Henry/Ribery/Vieira/Zidane were all off. The bet held up and I got a nice lump of cash from Coral. Obviously this is the bet that I didn't like pre-worldcup, it was only natural that this was one of three that came in. Running good.

It got to Wednesday and the cash still wasn't in my bank account so I login to find that I didn't actually withdraw it. I did the obvious thing and lumped 100 quid into Coral Poker and withdrew the rest. I gave it a bit of a spin up heads up at 25c/50c before entering the $20 rebuy tournament. 412 runners with the vast majority not knowing what they were doing. We were down to about 300 after the rebuy period and I was in for $122, not ideal since I only had 4500 chips which was a double rebuy and the addon. Running bad.

4 hours later and I find myself at final table with a dominating chip lead after much stealing and getting dealt kings in the BB with the chip leader moving in on me on the button with 22 (twice he did this and twice I held up). I pretty much ran the final table and a 1st place was inevitable when we were down to 3 and it was 800k:100k:100k. Running very good.

I managed to spunk away all my chips (KQ < A8, KT < QQ, A2 < KJ) and finish in a rather poorly third. Still $1600 is not to be frowned upon and so I did the old leave $200 in take the rest out. 3am comes and goes and my balance is reading $570. Superb think I as I trot off to bed.

Morning (afternoon) comes and I fire up Coral to give the $1/1 heads up a shot. I run very very well and am up to $1k in no time. Took a portion out and took the rest to $2/4 NL 4 handed turbo. Lovely, this will be an action game! I was the only one sat with the max of $400 but that didn't bother me particularly since everyone was fairly rubbish and the deck was hitting me in the face anyway. Long story cut short, I hit a ten on the river of a jack high board with my JT and a $1000 pot ships my way as the guy starts berating me in chat for his loss with QQ. Marvellous! I took the lot out since I had now cleared the $93 deposit bonus and will probably look to getting started on Stars again.

Few other things, Nottingham and UCL gave me the official rejection but Warwick let me in which was my first choice anyway. They have the best poker society I reckon so it should be a good laugh and I might get a degree as well if i'm lucky.

3 more links on the right, firstly Madyanks (Ronald Fanelli) blog who I have been following avidly (one of the few blogs that gets updated on a more-than-monthly basis). I met Madyank when I was at Imperial and he showed me how to play sit and go's properly so I probably owe him a beer or three at some point. He's out in vegas at the moment, as is Rob Sherwood who is doing some great updates from the States and is a good read. Skolsuper is James Keys' blog who is an old school friend of mine. He's new to the blogosphere it would seem but no doubt it will be full of good reading.

Au rev!


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