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Monday, March 13, 2006

Quietly along...

Nottingham rejected me, they basically said "we have had a shit load of AAA applicants this year, and since you only got AAC and are applying late, you have no hope unless you fluke a place through clearing". Nevermind then, might see how Leeds/Warwick respond, and will probably look into some other places as well. If not then I guess it's clearing. I probably won't bother with uni if I can't make a place for September, I think I will feel too left out if I am 2 years older than all my peers.

Things are pretty quiet on the sit and go front, i've only managed 73 so far this month due to basically being slack. Sitting on -$36 as well after a fantastic +300 day then 2 -100 days in a row added to the -150 on the first. I feel good about my play in them though and am coping with 8 tabling them. I'm pretty sure my ROI should be about 15% in these things so we will just have to see when I hit 500 (or more). I should really knuckle down and play more but the MTTs just seem like much more reward.

I've pretty much cleared the $120 bonus Stars gave for the WSOP qualifiers and I changed up 630 W$ (satellite money) into real money which I got $545 which is $45 better than the going rate... I probably could have got more if I posted around a bit but I wanted to buy into the big one on Sunday (which I played badly).

I do have a couple of cashes to report so it isn't all bad. I completely ruined my sleeping pattern by playing a $3 rebuy satellite to Sundays big one. The players were awful as you'd expect and i'd pretty much won it by the time the rebuy period was over. Qualified easily there for $15. Then I played the $50 PL Holdem on Stars today, having read the i-reraise blog I was inspired. I came 7th having been short stacked the whole way. I've decided that on Stars I prefer tournaments without antes because the players are too aggressive still (imo). Also I think PL helps my game as it forces you to play the streets rather than just jamming it all pre flop.

Anyway, i'm holding out hopes I get tickets to the Juve/Spurs/Wigan matches and I think I should do but being our last 2 games at Highbury (and a huge European Cup tie) it ain't gonna be easy. Was a brilliant performance and atmosphere for the Madrid game followed up with a deserved win against 'pool.

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