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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Playing well

I feel like i'm playing really solidly in multi table tournaments at the moment and really badly in cash games. I have imposed a ban on myself for online cash games but I will continue to play the pony game at gutshot as thats still profitable.

In the last week or so I reckon i've done to the tune of $800 on online cash...

To the tournaments... Saturday I played the £100 freezeout at gutshot, I was playing strongly at my first table and managed to double my stack up to around 8000.

I was moved table and there was one player who was HUGE value and everyone knew it. I got involved in a big pot with him. He called in early position (the guy was a donkey he had no idea). Everyone else folded to me in the SB, I called with AJ and the BB checked. The flop came J45 which I checked, the BB checked, and limper bet out 1000. I reraised to 3000 (blinds are 200/400). The BB dwelled and moved in for 5000 total, the initial limper dwelled and called, I also called as it was an under-raise. The turn came 2 and I moved all in. The initial limper dwelled for the best part of 5 minutes before a clock was called. He asked "if I call thats all my chips right?". With 10 seconds on his clock he finally folded. The BB showed J3 and I was in good shape. A 6 came on the river though to cut my stack back to ~7000. Later on the limper said he folded A2 with the reasoning "I was hoping for an ace or a 3 on the turn but it was too tense". Madness! He was a good chap though and probably pissed anyway.

I built my stack back up and got to around 30,000 with 11 of us left. This is where I crashed due to the stupidest move ever. The game was reasonably tight but there was 1 guy attacking blinds a lot. He was on my right so he stole mine with reasonable success. It got passed round to me on the button and I had 63 diamonds. I opted to call with the intention of raising on a scare card. The SB folded and BB checked. We both checked a flop of 992 with 2 hearts. The turn was an Ah. He checked and I made it 3000. He dwelled a fair bit before making it 7000. He had about 12,000 left. I reasoned that he was trying to find out where his ace was or he was just trying to resteal as he thought I was weak. I moved in and he called with Q7 hearts. He said that he actually thought I had aces the way I played but he had to call. I guess it's hard representing the hand your opponent has! I crashed out 4 hands later with Q2 diamonds (I was reduced to 2 big blinds). Made £80 from £25 on the pony table despite being up to £160 at one point and down to £15 at another...

On Sunday I played 2 big online tournaments. The $50,000 guarenteed on VC and the $500,000 guarenteed on stars. I was playing solidly in both and had accumulated a nice stack. The blinds in the 50k were getting big and I decided to come over the top of someone with 66. I had him covered, he called, then another caller called! The initial raiser had AK as I suspected, the other caller.... A7... Needless to say a 7 on the flop and we were both out! The stars $500k was a bit different. I was playing ridiculously well, a lot of people betting into me with top pair when I had an overpair. I was very pleased with the way I played but then I guess I blacked out or something, lost 2 big pots after folding to reraises (AQ one time on the button, AT in late pos). Then I moved all in UTG with QT hearts... What a donkey move, AK called and crushed me. He later went on to come 2nd.

Last night (Monday) was interesting... I got home at 5:30 from uni, straight to the $2/4 NL, did $600 about as quickly as you can... KK on a Kxx flop all spades, he had flush but I didn't think he had.

Tried the $5k guarenteed on VC, $36 buyin. Played very solidly and strongly and eventually won it when my AA held up against 44 on a 235 flop. A four came on the river and I thought I had lost (it was 4:30am!) but after a moments reflection I realised I made a straight. Screenshot...

Playing The Hendon Mob forum league event tonight, as well as the Gutshot forum members event. I will probably try out some other tournaments as well, just to keep me from doing my plums on the cash tables


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