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Friday, November 04, 2005

WPT havin' a laugh!

It was a pretty quiet week up till Wednesday night. On Tuesday I whacked $200 into pokerroom to play some $1/2 and $2/4 NL. The 1/2 paid off nicely and soon enough I was up to $700 before I called it a night.

The half day off on Wednesday allowed me to get some more NL in before the Arsenal match, I worked my way up to $1300 before I lost a big pot where I read someone incorrectly (Mi1kyBarKid -- Ben Grundy). He had trips and I had two pair but I put him on the same two pair as me or a PP. Anyway I was down to $800 and withdrew my cash before I tilted it all away as I so often do on pokerroom.

Off to the match I went, a good start from the arse scoring midway through the first half with a classic Thierry goal (although it looked like it was an accident and he slipped from his celebration). The rest of the match was tight until Van Persie came on and showed everyone why he should be picked up front. Good result, good night, qualified for Europe, next case!

I had already decided before I left for the match that I would try a satellite for the WPT when I got home. I got back with 1 hour to spare before the start of the $175 double shootout event which I bought into. I didn't even know what a double shootout was but Tom Ferrari told me on MSN.

After a bit of persuasion I got him to play as well so both of us were in the satellite. Amazingly he got drawn to my table as well. We agreed before the tournament started that no matter how big the pot we would not tell each other our cards as it isn't good for the integrity of the game. He was doing well until unfortunately a maniac went in with 74 off and Tom called with AK but got outdrawn. Interestingly the very next hand I picked up AK with position on the maniac. He went all in again and I called based on his previous play. Everyone else folded and he showed 74 again!!! I guess he was in a hurry to go or something but this time AK stood up and he was out.

I breezed through my first table, outdrew people a couple of times, got outdrawn in a big pot. It's all part of the game though.

The final table was tougher than the first one but there was one guy who was pretty big value. Early on he showed that he would fold hands easily and so whenever I got involved with him I just raised him up and he would fold giving me respect. I managed to win a LOT of chips without showing down and i'm not sure if they cottoned onto it or not. There was one pretty good player who said he met Dubai/dpommo out in Dublin for the EPT event so based on the fact he'd played I had to give him some respect. Not the case, as I had position on him everytime he raised I pushed them in. The first couple he folded, the next one he called with KQ where I also had KQ (suited) which was a chop. Another big one he had AT and I had KJ. I flopped a pair but he turned and rivered a straight! Big pot but I remained chip leader for the most part and we were still 4 handed. I knocked another short stack out with jacks after a T high flop and he had QT. The turn gave him a flush draw but I managed to avoid the suck out! Anyway this EPT guy raised it up nicely, I moved in again with KJ and he called with AQ, this time I made my pair and held up. Bit of a suck out but you have to get lucky at some point and he could just have easily been stealing my big blind! The heads up went in with me having a 12.25:1.25 chip lead over him. It was over in three hands:

1) Me SB him BB, I fold
2) Me BB him SB, he folds (I had AQ suited)
3) Me SB him BB, I move all in with 9To, he calls with K5, I make a full house and it's over!!

I'm going to the WPT event in the Bahamas! Check out if you are interested in more details.

I am taking my mate Ben Mayhew, he helped me out a bit towards the end of the satellite and kept my head straight (I don't believe I considered calling QJ!!!). He loves the game but has had some ups and downs recently but its all good. We will be jetting out Jan 4th to fleece the pros of their dinner money.

So keep your eyes open around the start of January guys, you never know I might wind up being the next WPT champ!


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