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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More gutshot hands

From Sunday:

Bet the pot with kings pre flop in the 25 PL, one caller in the BB, flop comes T97, i'm absolutely loving it, throw in £5, he makes it £15 which is all of mine, I call he shows me J8!

Called a £4 bet pre flop with 55, 5 runners and pots just over 20 bones. Flop comes Q54 with 2 spades. UTG checks, initial raiser bets out, I reraise, UTG rereraises, all-in, all-in. Initial raiser has AJ with two spades, UTG has 44. 2 turn. 2 spades river. I house up and take the £90+ pot.

77, one raiser, I call, another calls, 3 players. Flop comes 743. Initial raiser is in the blinds and bets the pot, I limit raise, last position calls, initial raiser reraises, I reraise, last position dwells then declares that he's calling for value. Initial raiser shows TT, last position has 52 off. 77 holds up.

By this point i'm on £150 from £25 (minus the £65 I did on a different table). A big hand then develops;

A9 on button but one, half the table calls the 50p and I make it £2 to play (it's a loose game, I planned to outplay on the flop). 4 people call and it's 5 to the flop of A96. UTG makes it £5, folds to me, I make it £10 which he calls. Turn is an 5, he checks, and I also check. River is an 8 which he checks to me, I bet £25 and he dwells and puts in his remaining £46. I call the £21 and he has A7.

Such stupid play from me, firstly not reraising enough on the flop, secondly not continuing to bet on the turn, thirdly betting so much on the river, and the final call was debatable just in case he fancied his lower two pair or something. Bad play but it was 2am and I was thinking of skipping the programming lecture the next morning.

A pretty good night out, was with the poker society from Imperial, 7 or 8 of us went in total and none of us had any luck in the tournament. I was drawn left of Adam our poksoc chief. Second hand I have AA, raise it up with one caller. 554 flop, he checks I bet 3/4 pot size, he limit raises me which I call. Both check the Q turn. River comes 2. He bets 3/8 of the pot which could easily have been a double bluff with a low queen or even a 4, I call and he has 55. Adam had a nasty one with aces as well. He bet pre flop with the bullets, one caller to see a flop of Qxx with 2 diamonds. The money goes in and his opponent has AQ of diamonds and a diamond nails him on the turn.

Our furthest finisher came 12th with 9 paying so he was a bit gutted I think but he is less experienced to live play and overrated a lot of hands that are bigger on the internet -- he was the AJ player in the earlier hand.

Got back at 4:30am on Monday, slept till noon then went in for the afternoon lectures. Was actually a very productive day although i'm a lecture or two behind now in programming and logic so i'll have to do some reading.

Watched The Cincinnati Kid this evening which i'd say was largely disappointing. Apart from a few legendary lines "You're good kid but while i'm here you'll always be second best" or words to that effect, and a couple of others it was mostly dull misplayed hands of 5 card stud. How can you possibly call $3k on a flush draw and gutshot straight draw with one card to come in a pot of about $2k. What a fish. Personally if I was the kid i'd be loving the action he's getting from Lance Howard. Still, nice to see a film that doesn't end happily ever after. The cock fighting was good as well.

Pro Evo 5 arrived today (well Friday actually but we have to collect parcels between 8pm-8:30pm for some obscene reason and I was out on Friday and Saturday) so I have been playing that a fair bit. It seems a lot harder, I lost 5-0 on 6 stars my first game and only just scraped a 1-0 win through a penalty on 3 star (both Arsenal vs Chelsea). Guess i'll have to get used to it a bit more, Pro Evo 4 got to the point where it was 5-0+ every game on 6 stars.

Speaking of footy, off to Arsenal on Wednesday for the game against Sparta Prague, then Sunderland on Saturday. Pretty disappointing result on Saturday in terms of bragging rights against the scum but to be fair to them they are playing well and our away form is pretty poor at the moment. Hopefully things will pick up and Wenger will maybe get his arse in gear and throw some cash about in January whilst holding onto Henry for the next 40 years. At least Europes going well for once.

Tunes this week? Audio Bullys new album without a doubt.


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