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Monday, November 07, 2005

Swings and roundabouts!

The weekend had me up and down in money terms but i've come out on top eventually!

It kicked off on Friday afternoon when I went down to Gutshot for the £20 freezeout (and further events). I met my mate Mike there and his mate Sam, also Paul from LSE was there and a few other regulars. Zimmi from Imperial came later on.

The £20 freezeout was pretty much over before it started for me, second hand in I limped with Q9 with about 7 players, the flop came QJ9. I bet, another guy called, another guy reraised, I called, the caller went all in, the reraiser folded, and I announced that I was going to gamble and call. He showed KT as I expected and I didn't house up. I later found out the other guy folded AA. I was hungry though, that's my excuse and i'm sticking with it!

Two hours and two sit and go's later, i'm breaking even in the internet room. Played the pony game for a bit and did my £25 within an hour. The £5 happy hour tournament was starting though so I had that to play in. I took the full 1500 chips at the start for £15. Pretty weak table except for Paul and a couple of others, it was mainly fish ;)

I was quite strong before I got moved table, it is a turbo tournament so the blinds go up very quickly (10 minute clock). I had Mike and his mate on my new table, and soon enough I was all in with 88 after Mike had called. He dwelled then called and showed QT. My hand stood up and that put me in a strong position. Final table came quickly and Sam had done well to hold on till final table. First prize was something like £240 so there was a fair bit to be won.

As expected the players dropped very quickly from final table and before soon we were down to 3 players. I had gotten lucky a couple of times with the blinds being so big and having a bigger stack attacking my blind. The 3rd man dropped out and it was heads up! Back and forth with the blinds and eventually the other guy moved all in and I found TT. I called in a flash and it was looking good for me when he showed 96.

Flop came AK4 or something to that effect. Turn 6. River 9. Balls. Oh well I picked up a healthy £124, left a £14 tip for the dealer who gave me some very lucky hands. So I turned a £95 profit from that tournament.

The £10 rebuy was dull as hell, had 2 rebuys big deal, no big hands, moved in with K9 at one point with 6 callers or something, didn't win. Quit at the end of the rebuys.

Pony games 'till sunrise! The first one in the VIP room was very very tasty. Some awful players and I doubled up soon enough the details of which I forget.

A big pot developed when I had kings. A guy bet the pot in early position pre flop. I raised £10. Everyone folded to him, he raised the pot again. I was worried at this point. Aces were my only worry and he was playing his hand like they were. So I raised the pot again and he was all in. I showed him kings (showing is optional in cash games until showdown) and to my amazement he showed me 55. I was in great shape but the pot was huge and I was still worried. Zimmi dealt the cards out nice and slow to torment me but the kings were good!

I left the table soon after with a £165 cash out as well as £60 in cash from other people buying chips off me. Good start, took a break in the internet room and did $25 or something. Had a chat with Mike and Sam and chilled out before going down for another game.

A last hand before the table charge, I limped with T8 hearts along with about 6 or 7 others. Flop came with two hearts and a pair so I had the flush draw but was worried about the full house. Mike bet £3 and a couple of people called as did I. The lovely 9 hearts came on the turn and I suspected I was ahead. Mike bet £10, another guy called and I also called. Mike was left with £2.50 or so at this point and the other guy had me covered. River was a blank and I bet £20 and they both folded!! I showed the flush and they both showed AJ (with no A or J on the table!). Shocking hand but I guess they were winning until the turn.

I cashed £100 from that game and called it a night for poker just chilling out with a coke and sandwich.

Absolutely shattered the next day, I managed to get myself up in time to put some bets on before heading off to Arsenal. A good performance, expected a win but we played well. Sunderland had about 4 fans arrested which was funny.

Got home still tired as hell, decided to play a $109 double shootout on stars. I should NEVER play when tired and I went out in 4th on my first table bluffing off my chips. So what do I do, well the $109 heads up tournament of course! A bad idea as well, the first guy was easy because he couldn't play heads up, I think he thought we were 9 handed or something because he hardly ever played. The second guy was better than me but I lucked out, and the third guy was easy but beat me.

Oh well, at least I came £150 up on the sports. Brings me on to tonight, tried the $500,000 guarenteed tournament on stars. The players were mostly bad but there were 2 good players at my table (other than me ;)). Stupidly I bluffed into a calling station. I was doing quite well, up to about 3600 chips from the initial 2500, taking small pots with no hand or sometimes a hand and making good calls. I raised in mid position with JT off suit and the button called. We saw a flop of 983 with 2 diamonds and I led out again which he called. The turn was a 3 of diamonds which he bet about half the pot into, I raised him all in as I thought he could get away from his hand especially after a dangerous turn and he called with A9 and no diamond. He stood up and I was down to 1100. Later on I was in the SB with 77 for 50 chips and the button made it 400. I moved all in (tired, steaming, some other excuses probably) which he called with... the monster that is 95 suited. Of course he flopped a 9 and I went out.

I took a 2 hour nap and decided to play some $2/4 NL on pokerroom. Unfortunately there is a $250 deposit limit there per week unless you are a VIP. I deposited $80 as that was the max I could and sat at the $2/4 like a maniac! Picked up aces second hand and doubled up against queens then did all my money playing like an idiot.

Took on the $2/4 NL on Noble Poker where I can actually deposit $400. Soon enough I was up to $500 and not long after up to $800.

A big pot arised where basically I bluffed $120 on the river and they called and won the $440 pot which put me down to $450. Another big pot started building where I had aces UTG. I made it $12 to play, the button called and the BB made it $30 which I called as did the button. The flop was 954 and the BB lead out for $65 which I limit raised to $130. The button called and the BB folded! Seemed a bit curious to me but I liked the off suit ten on the turn and pushed all in for $380. They folded and I scooped the pot.

The last pot I played before I left -- KJ spades on the BB. Couple of callers and the SB makes it $12 which everyone calls. Flop is A76 with 2 spades. The SB leads out for $24 which only I call. The turn is the lovely 9 spades and once again they lead out for $34. I call again and the river is an off suit 4. I have the stone cold nuts and they make it $123! I dwell then push them in for their extra $80 which they call with A9. A lovely pot and I cash out $1080.

Off to bed now, did badly in a practice exam on Thursday (read: 0%) and I really need to focus for this Thursdays real exam. Still not booked flights to WPT, waiting for the info email from Stars and for my mate Ben who i'm taking to get his passport sorted. Still really excited about that, it's a great oppurtunity as well as a great holiday. I'm looking to play my best game so I need lots of practice at gutshot -- that's my excuse for going there every week anyway! I'm going to i26 on Friday for the weekend (it's a big computer LAN party/geekfest) so I might not get any poker in this week at all! Oh well I need a break anyway.

Au rev


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