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Monday, November 21, 2005

Shit weekend

Kicked off on Friday at Gutshot, £10 rebuy, spent £60 on that one and went out with QQ vs KK vs A9. Moved onto the pony game and before long I had my top two cracked after I bet the pot on flop and turn before the river completed the other guys flush. Next up I had my flopped trips called by 3 people when I was in for £30, flop was 553 and I had 52. Not wonderful with 3 callers, one was flushing, one had queens, one had 46. The flush made on the river. I was down 280 for the night and started playing rock at the pony table. Managed not to lose any more and there were 3 of us left at 7am. Myself, Malcolm, and Cal. Cal is a dealer there and Malcolm a regular. Good players but I went on a big card rush making trips/set almost every time I entered a pot! It was a fun game and I reduced my losses for the night to £80. It felt like a win though.

Next up the £100 freeze on Saturday night at Gutshot. My multi table game has been pretty good (before this weekend) and I felt I was playing solidly. I passed kings after I raised pre flop on an ace high flop and got bet into. The hand I went out on, I was BB with AK suited, 4 limpers before me including SB and button, I made it 600 more (blinds 75/150), so 750 total, the button called, the SB moved in on me, I called (2000 chips before the hand), the button dwelled and folded. The SB, (Stuart who plays at gutshot a fair bit) had 66 and we were racing. Flop came 234, turn 5, river a blank and I was out. The button says he folded 77.

I played the pony game a bit and was playing awfully, not sure how much I was down but about £90 I think.

Tried a $100 tourn on stars, Rupon comes over and asks if I want to play together for 50% each. I say yes and he takes a call whilst I get 1000 more chips with a set 7s. We play solidly before losing a huge pot with KK vs JJ in pre flop... The flop looked nice but the turn was a jack, and the river was also a jack. Out of that tourn...

We decide to go back to Rupons appartment to play some multi tables and just chill. Tried a $50 multi and a $20 multi at the same time. The $20 is over soon, we move in on a 6 high flop with JJ having raised 7xbb pre flop, someone calls with 86!! They turned another 6... The $50 was also pretty bad, moved in on a T high flop with JJ again, they had TT... We both agreed that we did the right moves and played well but were just unlucky... Next time maybe

To round off a shit weekend, I tried a $11 rebuy satellite to the big $215 tourn on stars. I was playing very well in the satellite then my tens ran into nines and they made a set on the flop! How many times!! I bought into the tournament regardless, played pretty badly, everyone was tight as hell, I was aggressive, I ran AJs into queens and the queens held up. Huge field and you need to get chips from somewhere...

Did a $200 multi on victor chandler, AQ ran into 88 on an ace high flop... They turned an 8. Marvelous.

Luck will get better soon I hope, playing very solidly though so not too bothered. Forgot how long Noble cheques took to come so i'm a bit skint as it is but owed lots of money ;)

Ben Mayhew and Tom Ferrari (links on right) are off to St Kitts on Thursday to play the CPC, I wish them both good luck and hope they do well!!


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