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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Last week

It's my last week at uni before the Christmas holidays, i've got some work left to do (coursework for Tuesday, small questions paper for Wednesday, tests all day Thursday) but I can't wait to get back home and especially can't wait for the Bahamas.

Last week I managed to get myself into uni every day except Thursday, and did lots of work as well which I am happy with considering the week before I didn't go in any of the days, missed a test and a couple of hand in deadlines.

Money wise i'm in a pretty bad way at the moment, I came second in a comp on getminted for £320 last night which helps a bit but things haven't gone too well recently... Swings on multi table tournaments are bigger than cash games, it isn't hard to go 40 tournaments without a final table. Coupled with the fact that I was playing pretty shit it has left me empty handed. I had a read of Harrington 2 though and I think I am getting back on track. My form is pretty similar to Arsenals as of late...

There's a couple of nice looking tournaments tonight including the Getminted £2500 guarenteed... It's a £25 buyin but they don't normally get 100 runners and the play is usually pretty bad and as long as I don't get unlucky I think I can get a result.

I seem to be listening to lots of Dido at the moment and playing lots of Pro Evo... Till next time


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