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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Update on life

Been a while since I last posted so thought I better make one now... I can't remember exactly where I left off but i'll just ramble.

I did well on a multi on blue square, won about $500 and used it to bankroll my cash games there as Blue Square have this ridiculous 72 hour withdrawl rule. In two days I managed to work my balance up to $1700 before blowing the lot in 2 hours... I went over to Noble poker and lost another £320 with AK before calling it a night, angry and broke!

Fortunately Noble owed me £1k at the time so I was only broke until they paid me, as well as the £100 in my wallet.

I took the £100 to Gutshot on Friday (as usual). Not many people there that I knew that well, Paul was there playing deuce seven triple draw. Crazy game that one... I played solidly in both the happy hour and the £10 rebuy but I didn't pull a result and eventually went out when I moved in with KQs and got called by 44...

I was £50 stuck for the night and down to my last few pennies, so I span it up on the pony game... 2nd hand in and I have the elusive aces UTG. I make it £1.50 to play (blinds £0.25/0.50, pot limit) and next position calls. Mid-position raises the pot, BB reraises the pot, I get my 25 quid in quicker than lightning, next position guy calls, mid-position calls, and the BB also calls!!! The guy to my left has 66, mid pos has QQ, BB has TT, and amazingly my aces hold up and I become unstuck. I win another big pot later on but I can't remember the details...

I went home with £350 in my wallet so it was a good night... My Noble cheques cleared yesterday and after paying off my credit card I had a play around on Laddys and Stan James. Lost £40 on SJ and about the same on Laddys just doing multi tables. I knew I wasn't playing well and I really should have gone to bed.

I overslept an exam this morning stupidly -- not sure how important it was but it wasn't a big one. I have also missed 3 days of lectures now due to a ruined sleeping pattern. I'm going to sort my head out a bit and get back on track, losing the £1k that night got to me a fair bit and I know I was playing on tilt straight after which I shouldn't do.

In the early hours I was doing a $20 multi on stars and was going strong. 600 entrants and I was 1st going into the 2nd break. I wound up coming 40 something which paid out but not a lot. I had JJ in late position, early-mid raised it to 3600 blinds 600/1200, I had 13k and stuck it in, he called with 88. The flop came all spades with no 8 or J and I had the Js. Turn was the 8 of clubs and the river gave me no help. Was really gutted as I knew I was playing so solidly.

Did a sit and go 2 table afterwards and won it which was nice and I am feeling good about my game in general at the moment. Going to gutshot again on Friday with Dan (old school friend) and going to look to make some money from both the comps and the cash games.

In other news... Van Persie scored an absolute cracker against Blackburn which i'm glad to say I was there to witness. It really was a different class and I think Van Persie is going to become one of the worlds best. Arsenal are doing well at the moment and I think if we can keep this up until the Chelsea game, and then beat them, it will throw open the title race again. A decent european cup run would be good as well but anyway...

Sadly a guy at my old 6th form died in a car crash the other day. They were driving through thick fog with out their safety belts on and had a head on collision. Tragic stuff and obviously thoughts go out.

I'll try and keep posted more even if no ones reading this, it's fun writing and looking back. Hopefully by the next time I write I will have another multi win under my belt... Could sure use one right now!


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