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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feb Results

The sit and go's are going well right now, after a cold run last week, yesterday and today have been very nice days to round off February nicely.

Feb stats are:
Played: 167
Profit: $688.50
ROI: 15.27%

These are $25 turbos on stars. It leaves the overall stats since 01/01/06 like this:

Played: 256
Profit: $1390.50
ROI: 20.12%

A bit more than I expected but the results are still fairly irrelevant until i've done 500. I've been doing quite nicely in satellites as well, last week I qualified 3 times for the Stars biggie, one of which I used for $530, and the other 2 which I got money for. Profited about $800 from them and freerolling in the comp itself. Also won a Monte Carlo satellite (not the big one) for $650 but as I decided not to play the satellite, i've got $650 in W$ which can only be used to enter satellite events. Of course Stars have absolutely no satellites at the moment so they are fairly worthless right now. The next satellites they start are WSOP ones and i'm still well under age to even try for that. I will probably wait for the EPT to start again, or the Caribbean adventure.

I'm considering going to Warwick University this weekend to play in the £40 competition they are having there. It has $3000 added and it will mostly be students so it looks like it could be huge value. It's a 2.5 hour drive though and the competition is 2 days which is pretty long for a small buyin event, they could easily get it over with in one day. Still my parents are going up there anyway to see my sister who is at uni there so chances are i'll go up a day or two early to play the comp.

Arsenal beat Real Madrid, and although Wigan probably could have beaten them the way they played it feels good. Still can't beat Blackburn though obviously. I've got my ticket for the return leg lined up so hopefully we can pull through then inevitably draw Barcelona in the next round.


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