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Monday, December 26, 2005

Updates + 2005 Review

The last time I posted I was about to play a comp on GetMinted. I think I played pretty solidly, I came 2nd and took home 330 quid, next day I played it again and won it! It definately put me back on track and since then I did well in a pretty big Ladbrokes tournament for over $1k and having won a seat for $13 to the $500+30 on Stars, I came 22nd and took just shy of $2.5k.

Onto 2005... It kicked off playing poker until 6am at my mates house but will probably end up drunk somewhere. A lot has happened, my life has moved on a lot and I think I have improved my poker game a lot.

It feels like so much longer than half a year that I was studying for A levels (probably because I hardly did) and even though I didn't expect to get an offer from Imperial, let alone a place, I ended up getting both and am quite nicely settled on my course. The poker society there is good fun as well, some good characters and obviously i'm a long walk from the Vic and a 25 minute tube journey from Gutshot.

Qualifying for the WPT has probably been my highlight of the year, i'm not sure yet how I will play it but coming 22nd last night in the big one on Stars has certainly given me a lot of confidence and motivation. At worst it will be a good holiday so I am looking forward to enjoying the experience.

I think I for the future I need to pick my games carefully. I am a good tournament player as my results show, but I think my cash game is pretty shit. If I pick a good game (and there is a very nice pot limit game on a particular site) and I am focused then I can play some really good poker. Being focused is probably just as important as picking the game, when my mind is in bad shape I don't play well. In tournaments I think I am motivated more than trophy objects rather than money itself. I haven't lost total regard for money but losing 3 or 4 hundred quid in a bad session doesn't bother me as much as it should. When I play for a fucking signed book in the Hendon Mob forum league I wanted to win so much more. Even playing the huge comp last night I wasn't that excited about the money, it helps obviously but I think I just like seeing something rather than money. Probably just shows youth or something.

I better copy Ben Grundy and set myself some targets for 2006. I'm going to break it up into 2006 targets and longer term targets. In no particular order...

2006 targets
  • Cash at the WPT event in Bahamas
  • Start keeping records other than my bank statement!!
  • Qualify for another big live tournament
  • Win a tournament at Gutshot with a buying of £20+
  • Pick my cash games better
  • Keep following the Arsenal!
  • Sort out a seperate bankroll for sports betting
  • Sort out my money
  • Do some work at University and pass my first year
Longer term targets
  • Graduate (obviously)
  • Play some WSOP events
  • Get a £35k+ job by 2011 (3 years after graduation)
  • Don't go broke (stole that one)
That's about it from me, next time I update will probably be post-WPT. I might try and update during the WPT but i'll probably rather be having fun and who reads this shit anyway ;)

Hope you all had a great Christmas, have a great pissup on new years and I will see you in 2006!


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