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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

As expected...

Over the last week and a half I have done my absolutes. Not gonna lie about it, i've lost pretty much all my Bahamas money in a combination of playing tournaments too big for me (playing $200 comps and pissing about in them) and having the worst weekend of sports betting i've ever had.

I have been unlucky though, I bubbled in a $50 freezeout with $12k first prize when I raised my SB with KK, the BB moved in on me and I called, he had K2 and made runner runner 2s. That pot would have put me a big chip leader. I have also come close in 2 satellites. Firstly the Bahamas satellite on Paradise Poker, $8.5k package, I entered the $25 rebuy and just had an addon. Got to heads up and I was a 2:1 chip leader with only one package available. All in preflop, A5 lost to K9. I worked back when he bluffed off lots of chips with 3rd pair and I had 2nd pair. Then lost an astronomical hand with KQhh vs JThh all in pre flop! Went out 2 hands later with A4 vs AT. I was very VERY annoyed. I bought straight into the £100 satellite on Getminted poker for the £1000 event at Luton thats just happened. I was playing really solidly and had half the chips with 4 of us left. The guy in second place raised it up to about 3xbb and I made a move on him with 22. He instantly called with AT and flopped some sort of pair... Was absolutely gutted there as well.

So having done my bollocks, I am considering what to do with myself... I haven't been to uni since I got back, missed an exam and 2 bits of coursework, and in general am behind on the course. I have just started a sit and go challenge. I am going to play 1000 sit and gos at the $25+2 level and see how it comes out. If I have an ROI of 15% thats over $4000, not to forget the FPPs that come with it which I can put towards a monitor or ipod or something. So far it is going very well:

Played 42
1st 11
2nd 5
3rd 6
Profit: $711
ROI: 63%

That is just today though and the figures are highly unlikely to stay that high. I think once the sample size gets to 1000 that is when the figures start becoming accurate. What is useful though is that today has basically created the 25 buyin bankroll I need for this challenge. I will post some progress updates here.

Special mention for mikkyT who is an absolute different gravy at the moment. I linked to his blog on the right so be sure to check it out, basically the guy has won the $2k tournament on Virgin a couple of times, final tabled it about a million, and qualified for the EPT in Deauville! I am dead jealous, it's the only satellite I have been an absolute mile away from qualifying for that I have tried. For some reason I can't focus in them. I wish him all the best in France and I think he has a very fair chance of bringing home the bacon!

Arsenal have been busy in the transfer market but still can't beat Everton away, more on that in a future post if I can be arsed. Its been a pleasure...


  • Nice to see you finding your feet again after the rollercoaster at the Bahamas and beyond.

    Grinding it out is the only way when you hit rock bottom you litterally have to pull yourself up again. having friends to support you helps but only you can reverse and control the mental strain you undergo.

    Thanks for the mention, I'm flattered! I certainly hope I can finish in the money in France. Although I'll be aiming for more than just a money finish.

    By Blogger mikkyT, at 4:33 am  

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