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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No news...

I've been having a pretty bad run on the sit and go's last 2 days. Just sticking to the $25 and taking the downswing at the moment. Just playing through it and waiting for the upswing again. It's the kind of thing you have to expect playing them though.

I decided to quit uni the other day, it wasn't really any fun and I found myself at Gutshot more than lectures so i'm at home a lot now. This means it is mostly internet poker I am playing as well. I do miss live poker but my results are a lot better online so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.

There's a couple of events I really want to go to in the future. First one is Aruba with Ultimate Bet. I made it through to one of the $300 qualifiers but I played pretty badly and dropped out around 40th. I am guessing the satellites are going to be bigger nearer the time of the event with more people wanting to go so I think I will try again nearer the time. The other one is the PCA with PokerStars again in January. I had so much fun this time that i'm already planning to go to next years! It really is a class event with great people and lots of poker and fun.

I'm going to stick a couple more links up on the side, firstly Poker 4 Charity and secondly Matthew Milne's blog. I've taken down the Imperial Poker Society link as well (seeing as i've left).

I will try and update more often but there isn't a lot to write about at the moment. I'm still saving up FPP's for a monitor and Arsenal are still doing shite.

Till next time


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