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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not to be results orientated or anything but...

Looks like the hand converter messed up and didn't post results, and obviously I didn't proof read.

Anyway Hand 1: BB had K4, UTG had QQ
Hand 2: Other guy had A7
Hand 3: He had T7hh
Hand 4: Had an ace I believe, maybe AQ can't remember

Ran badly yesterday and tilted away lots of money, taking a few days off to recover (ok it was a lot of money I donked off UGH) then will consider what I do next.

Got Dennis Bergkamps testimonial on Saturday at the new stadium which will be good, then I might head off to Gutshot for the £110 freezeout which is usually a pretty good tournament but becomes a complete pushbot/crapshoot after the first break.


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