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Friday, April 28, 2006

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

London, Leeds, Life

I planned to go to London a couple of weeks ago for the Arsenal Juventus match, I had my ticket, was very very excited, arrived at the train station at 5:30 ready to depart... The train had been cancelled. I eventually got in at 8:30, decided to watch the second half in Gutshot since it would take me another 25 mins from Liverpool Street anyway. We won which softened the blow a bit, just wish I was there though. On the plus side I got a ticket to the Spurs match which I will not miss for the world! The last ever North London derby at Highbury, it's gonna be special.

I played really tight at Gutshot, just playing the pony cash game which the usual faces. It was all going well until I lost my stack of 80 with QQ vs AA. It was annoying, because I knew he had it as well. Very hard to fold those hands still for me. Should have trusted my instincts more.

Leeds have asked for my first term uni grades which is proving a pain in the cunt since the Imperial grading system was all computerized, and my record got deleted when I left. Marvellous.

On thursday i'm heading down to i27 which is a LAN party being held by a company called Multiplay. For the non-poker crowd, it is a bit of a geekfest where loads of people take their computers and get together to play games over the network, drink beer, and have fun. I'm playing in the staff vs punters football which is always a walkover for the punters, since the staff are either really fat or really skinny, and dire at football anyway (even by my standards). Plus they are mostly cunts so we just hack the shit out of them and the ref does nothing.

Tuesday is my birthday but my mum is away in Canada at the moment studying so it is just my dad and sister at home. Was meant to go out with mates this weekend but it didn't happen, because they're all pricks. So i'll probably just get hammered at the geekfest.

Not much else happening, won nothing in the way of poker, always seem to build up to a 15k stack on the Party tournaments then fuck up completely and either bubble or come 400th out of 27 thousand or whatever.

Lyon bombed out of the European Cup with 5 minutes left which ruins my best bet for the season, i'm freerolling for St Johnstone to win their league, and my 2 F1 bets on Alonso/Renault have had a great start to the season. Alonso has come out in the press saying that the others will catch up later on in the season, but I reckon he's an lying prick. Will get on some bets tommorow and hopefully get a break and win a few quid. Might even have a flutter on the National -- which will be a waste of money because the best book is 120%! There is no value what so ever but I don't mind throwing a couple of quid in the bookies faces for the sake of rooting purposes.

Anyway, good luck to everyone planning not to do their bollocks this week. Enjoy the mighty gooners giving the yankies a lesson in football tommorow. I'm off to drink 12 litres of five alive in the hope this cough goes away before the turn of the century.