Thoughts of Rup

Thursday, June 08, 2006

World Cup Fever

For my sports betting I use a tipping service since I am too inept to make my own picks. I've put a couple of the ones I like down as well, most of the prices the tipping service offers is all taken so I don't think they will mind if I post the bets here.

12pts @ 3.75 - Sweden to win Group B World Cup
6pts @ 2.625 - Holland to win Group C World Cup
5pts @ 2.625 - Mexico to win Group D World Cup
10pts @ 1.91 - Portugal to win Group D World Cup
6pts @ 3.5 - Ukraine to win Group H World Cup
5pts @ 6.0 - Switzerland to win Group G World Cup
10pts @ 10.0 - Italy to win the world Cup
2pts EW @ 17.0 - Spain to win the World Cup

The Portugal and Mexico bets combined basically amounts to a 2pts bet @ 2/1 on Portugal if you consider that Togo and Angola have no chance (which they don't really).

I like all of those picks except the Italy one. I suspect they will recommend laying off Spain after the group stages.

I only have one pick, 2pts @ 37.0 - Luca Toni to be top goalscorer. He's trading low 20s on Betfair now so looks like I picked up a bit of value there.

That's it then, COME ON ENGLAND! (just let Sweden win the group!)