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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Since it's A level results day I thought a uni post would be apt. Whilst I didn't receive any results, my place at Warwick is a lock which means I need to start brown nosing the poker soc people so they can roll me when the donkaments on stars robusto me again. I've done a bit of snooping and firstly I have a link to David Lu's blog (on the right). Seems like a good player, saw him bust early in some student thingy and go deep in a gutshot 100 but thats all I have on him. I might start rating him more after he cleans me out in the 50p/£1 game (or whatever they play there).

Secondly I found a guy called maryhadalamb. I'd hazard a guess that his real name is Thomas Partridge judging by the URL name but you never can tell. Amazingly enough he seems to already be linking to my blog so I guess I should return the favour. Seems to be a bit of a card rack and enjoys taking shots at the most -EV games on the net. Right up my street then.

Finally a link to "Super Try Again" blog. Seems to be some sort of cult of low limit grinders. Lots of dull hand histories and graphs to be found here.

I also slapped a link up to the Warwick Poker Soc site which might be of interest to some. Looks like one of their lads shat the deck a bit at the WSOP and came 54th so congrats to him. Forums are a bit shite as you can't signup to them for some reason.

As for poker, i'm losing at a nice steady rate at the moment, which means i'll win $10k next month. Maybe.


  • Thoughts of mongy

    I havent met you yet so i will save judgement. however i would like to note a couple things.

    The STA are not a 'cult of low limit grinders', unless u consider a 1st and 2nd in bodogs 100k gaur for around $40k as low stakes.

    'shat the deck' is an interesting term, I am sure if you were 21 then you'd have the maturity to realise that finishing 54th takes more than just cards. Ohh and I amsure that playing for for over two years is from shitting the deck too...

    In conclusion i would do a little more research b4 you throw comments around, so if/when u go broke dont come brown nosing to the mongy mob (or STA i expect).

    I look forward to meeting you ;-)

    By Blogger Mongy, at 4:10 pm  

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