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Friday, September 08, 2006

Chop chop

Chopped an $11 tournament on stars for just over $2.3k each. Played well and got lucky more than once but had a dominating chip lead at final table. Was 1.2mill : 700k heads up but he pulled back then we decided to chop it after I turned down his 60/40 chop offer (great). Still it was 6:30am and I was getting a bit tired.

The bankroll is in great shape at the moment, and the mansion bet last night helped also (I hedged it off but my girlfriend didn't) so we have means to celebrate tonight.

Had a cash in the stars million last Sunday but only for $440 after I decided my Q9 was good on a Q high flop for a 60k pot. Oops.

I seem to run good in $16 SNGs but run pretty bad in $27s... And i'm pretty sure it is just running bad with the way some of these people play. Still it's all about sample size so i'm not making any judgements till i've got at least 500 under my belt, if not more. I am over-rolled for the $27s but I don't want to move up until I have established that I am winning at them (although i'm pretty sure I am, but everyone says that).

Other than that it's a theatre show, a wedding, then back to uni. Warwick still haven't sent details of accomodation yet so I could be sleeping on the streets for a while -- or commuting 2.5 hours, pass.


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