Thoughts of Rup

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not much to report

Settled into uni fine and made lots of new friends. Attended poker society on the first night and chopped the tournament but haven't been since because Monday nights are free nights at the union (haha how unballa does that sound) and everyone goes out.

Contracted SARs in my second week here or some similar coughing disease that kept me in bed sipping hot ribena for weekends at a time so really haven't been putting in the hours poker wise.

I'm one of the slacker people on my course but I pretty much expected that -- I am motivating myself to do some work though so it's not all bad.

Been playing sit and go's when I can be arsed/have some time and they have been going "ok".

My bet on Alonson/Renault came through so I haven't been strained money wise since I got here. Am going to cut down on sports betting (lol that old chestnut) and maintain my sound 50 buyin policy on sit and go's before I move on up.

Took a reasonable amount of my stars money out because I thought I needed it for uni, but I really don't despite the union being 2.50 a pint (YES, £2.50, at a student union!). Might stick it back in or just wait until they have a reload bonus or something. No real need to jam it in yet.

Halls are fantastic this year and there are some great people here (the odd arsehole but you have to expect that in all walks of life). Friends birthday today so likely to be going out on the piss and get a chinese or something. Anyway blog blog blog pretty boring post since i'm back to the daily grind of not attending lectures and moaning about 9am seminars.

Take care world