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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pokerstars bloggers tourney

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 7330476

Could be fun

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Went to Gutshot to watch Ben Mayhew play in the €5000 Showdown Poker Tour comp. He did pretty well to knock out Joe Beevers but ended up coming a couple of places off final table. Was a pretty mad weekend, went up on Saturday lunchtime with the intention of hanging around until Sunday for the last match of the season. By about 2am I realised I had no where to sleep so decided to play at Gutshot until the morning. There was lots of good table chat with general banter and strategy discussion which was great as you don't often get to sit down with 3 other solid players on a £25 buyin table.

11am came and I decided it was time to leave for the match to try and get an hours kip in or whatever before the match (haha). I realise that Barbican tube station is closed for Sunday so start walking to Farringdon. Needless to say I got a bit lost and ended up at Angel sweaty and tired. Decided I didn't want to walk the extra couple of miles to Highbury so caught the tube. The ground was absolutely buzzing, this was 12:30 and the streets were packed in red. The whole ground was fenced off by the OB and I made the mistake of going straight in rather than soaking up more of the atmosphere. Nevermind.

Headed into the match after doing a lap of the ground, had a quick pint (last ever at Highbury) and went to my seat to find a lovely t-shirt and goody bag. The t-shirts were coordinated so that everyone put them on and the stadium was covered in red and white. A bit of a class act from the club that they even gave Wigan blue shirts like our ones.

The match was proper entertainment for a last day. News of Spurs going down was flying in, we go down, then score a loada goals. Madness but in the end we got the result we needed and West Ham did the job down the road. I managed to stay awake for most of the "final salute" presentations but they put some music on when a load of junior gunners were running round the pitch and I just dozed off. Woke up for the fireworks and left the ground with a big grin on my face watching the helicopter flying an Emirates Stadium flag over the ground.

As if I wasn't dead enough for the weekend, I headed back to gutshot for the 55 quid comp that both Ben and I played. I played like an absolute rock built my stack to about 6k then with blinds 600/1200 I pushed in the cut off with KTo and ran into AA. Hmmmm. Ben bullied around his table and ended up finishing 5th for about £300 which I had 10% of.

Stayed on and played a bit of cash with no success before I fell asleep on a table at 7am. We headed off back home at 8am and got a very good 2 hours of sleep on the train.

Since then I have been down to Bishop Storfords new room called Jack Kings Clubs sponsored by an online bookie. Quite a nice little place hosted at their local footy club, they have some of the funniest players ever. Just a couple of hands... £20 rebuy, someone declares they are all in blind, someone else calls, another guy instantly folds QQ face up. Righto. In a £5 rebuy last night, blinds are getting fairly high but the table chippy has 20k and gets involved in a pot with someone. The board reads something like 289Q7 and the chippy calls for 15k on the river with KJ -- other guy had T8. Ben ended up getting bubbled in a fairly unlikely scenario, all in pre AsAx vs AQo, flop is raggy but all spades, the other guy makes running non-spade queens. I also bubbled when I moved in with Q3 suited and got called (by AK and KJ).

On the uni front I am fairly certain that I want to do Economics and I want to do it at either Warwick, Nottingham, or Leeds. I am leaning slightly towards Warwick at the moment because they have a better poker soc (oh the degeneracy of it all) but Nottingham has Dusk Till Dawn opening soon. I might even factor in their academical benefits. Maybe.

Thats it then, you might also be interested to know that I found out how to add photos. Marvellous.